C.D. (bi-lateral lung transplant 2009) Carol’s Hands Help and Heal! Carol, with her healing massage techniques, provided a vital, integral step in my road to recovery.  Her skilled hands seemed to magically find all pressure points of pain developed from me laying on the operating table and having just had my chest cut open (armpit-to-armpit, clamshell style) from the 9 hour bilateral lung transplant surgery at UCSF the day before.  Carol was there, in the critical intensive care unit, that first time I sat in a chair and took my first walk with my new lungs.  Her massage promoted therapeutic recovery.

Carol’s hands calmed and soothed me, as no drug could!  Her words of support, calmness and capable, knowledgeable demeanor set the tone.  I knew she would help and heal.  I trust her! Carol’s healing, massaging hands guided over my tense muscles, somehow knowing just where I hurt without me having to tell her!  She knew just how to maneuver around the two chest tubes and four Jackson Pratt drains in my chest.  I relaxed more, allowing my breathing pattern to calm and breaths deepen as she worked.  My nausea began to subside.  My arms and legs were very swollen, her massage over my limbs helped stimulate circulation, decrease swelling and increase motility.  I was feeling so much better!  She stayed all day there in ICU.  I didn’t want her to go!  I didn’t want her to leave then, nor any subsequent visits that followed.  Her skill sped up my healing process!

Carol’s hands guide a healing path.  Carol truly has a gift!  I highly recommend her to anyone considering an effective, therapeutic, healing massage.  It’s the real deal! - Cindy D.

L.F. (52 year old diabetic) Years ago, I had a deep tissue massage that hurt for weeks after. I was a little afraid to do it again. But when Carol started interviewing me, I soon realized this was more like talking to a doctor. She really listened, made a chart and during the massage, talked to me and instructed me how to breathe to enable the massage to work better. Completely different from the other one! I am hooked! Now, I get regular spot treatments to release my “computer shoulder” tension and a full session at least once a month. It has really helped my aches and pains and has even helped control my blood sugar!

R.T. (22 year old computer programmer) I spend so much time typing and using the mouse, my arm muscles have become extremely inflamed. The doctor told me it was carpal tunnel and would require surgery to relieve it. When I met Carol, she worked on my arms and shoulders as the pain was coming from overworking of the shoulder. After she worked on my arms, shoulders and back, I found I was able to use my arms without pain. She also helped me adjust my posture to prevent further damage and maintain my health. Seeing Carol regularly helps me immensely.

Dr. Adam C. Paiso - As a practicing chiropractor for over 20 years I have had plenty of dealings with "Massage therapists" in the past. Recently, I had the pleasure of undergoing a massage by Mrs. Drew and all I can say is my search is finally over! Finally, I have someone who knows what needs to be done the minute she puts her hands on you. She is professional to a fault, she listens and asked questions that I was never asked before regarding what I would like to achieve through massage. After the first session the range of motion I was able to achieve in my shoulders had increased 50% (minimum). Now, for all of my patients who need therapy I now feel confident that I have someone who I can refer to, who will actually benefit my patients. Lastly, this is not your average run-of-the-mill massage; if you want the "club rub" or the "spa" treatment, go somewhere else! But if you are serious that you want to get issues dealt with, give Mrs. Drew a call. You won't be sorry (maybe a little when she is really working on you, but afterward you'll be singing her praise).

To whom it may Concern, Five years ago I was taking over 2000mg of Motrin a day, per doctor’s prescription, and seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. In spite of this I still suffered from debilitating headaches (the kind that make you curl up in a ball), backaches, and over all body pain. Today I don’t take any medications or see a chiropractor at all. Carol Drew taught me the basics of how my body stores stress and tension, how to recognize it and keep it to a minimum. When the going gets tough, I make an appointment to see Carol. Without reservation I can say that my quality of daily life has been tremendously improved because of her talent and skill at the art of massage, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Sincerely, P.M.

I’m a 53-year-old athlete and have visited Carol for some years now.  Whenever I have any kind of pain or tightness that interferes with my training I book an appointment with Carol.  Her healing hands find the problem and get me up and running again.  Without intervention, I think my problems would develop into injuries.  Carol is willing to share her knowledge and that contributes to me being able to understand my body better.  This is extremely helpful in my training. KT.  

Carol truly understands the body and how it works. She has the rare ability to "speak body," in that she can take a vague description of where it hurts and find the source. She does this by listening to what the body is saying rather than jumping to a conclusion. You might call her " The Wonderful Wizard of Ahhhs" ! JM